The Body Building servicing the Central Valley, Fresno, Clovis and the surrounding areas is proud to offer Localized Cryotherapy. Localized Cryotherapy facials has many benefits for the face and body such as smoothing and tightening skin, reduces wrinkles and fine line, increase collagen in production. Localized Cryotherapy for the body are very beneficial for the treatment of pain, inflammation and targeted weight loss.
We use the CRYO Penguin which is a modern mobile device that treats localised tissue damage, induces cell rejuvenation and improves skin tone and reduces the effects of ageing. Our treatments are based upon the application of a liquid nitrogen vapour to specific areas of the body for a short period of 3-5 minutes.

Cryotherapy Skincare Pricing

Glow Facials
1 Treatment

3 Treatments | Savings: $12.00


6 Treatments | Savings: $95.00

12 Treatments | Savings: $189.00

Add Neck, Chest & Décolleté with IPL to any Glow Facial ($189 value) | Savings: $160.00
Body Sculpting
Large Areas: Thighs, Bum, Stomach, Arms, Back (including Muffin Tops)

Thigh Gap


Chest, Pectorals & Décolleté

Bum and Upper Thighs
Body Packages
3 Treatments | Savings: $38.00
Buy 5 Treatments get 1 free
6 Treatments | Savings: $195.00

12 Treatments | Savings: $389.00

24 Treatments | Savings: $977.00
Sports Treatments
Sore/Injured Areas: Neck, Wrist, Shoulder
*All monthly Cryo members receive 20% off of treatments

Body Sculpting: Cryotherapy ‘Body Sculpting’ is a revolutionary alternative to crash diets and liposuction..
This treatment is natural and non-invasive, leaving you feeling great, pain free and with enhanced shape and definition.
Cryo Face – Lifts & Facials: Cooling the skin with Cryotherapy around the face and neck triggers deep layers of collagen into production. This will smooth out facial lines, reduce blemishes and wrinkle, it also gives a clearer & tighter appearance within minutes. Additionally, with applications that are repeated, the body will naturally begin to renew its production of collagen, even though ageing would have slowed this process down. Consequently, the result of a course of treatments is a long lasting return to a youthful, clearer and more vibrant skin.

Benefits of Local Cryotherapy:

  • Inch loss instantly.
  • Weight loss, fat reduction and Cellulite reduction.
  • Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines reduced dramatically.
  • Production of collagen resulting in fuller, more youthful rejuvenated beautiful skin.
  • Puffiness around the eyes is reduced dramatically or totally eliminated.
  • Pores on the face and neck are reduced in size, limiting the intake of toxins, grime and dirt.
  • Skin conditions like Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne and Psoriasis are reduced dramatically.
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