Massage Therapy in Clovis, Fresno, Madera and the Central Valley, California

Discover deep relief with massage therapy specific to your needs. The Body Building in Clovis California, offers sports massage therapy, aromatherapy, and more. Our certified massage therapists specialize in 18 different forms of massage therapy. Read below or call us today to learn more.


Sports Massage Therapy

Pre Event Sports Massage uses compression, jostling, stretching and general massage to prepare the body for exercise. Post Event Sports Massage is used to flush the muscles and keep them from tightening. The massage helps to decrease lactic acid build up and reduce soreness.


Choose from a variety of essential oils to enhance your massage treatment. Our therapists can guide you through the many scents and specific applications of each.

Trigger-Point Therapy

A trigger point is a hyperirritable area that is painful when compressed. At times, trigger points can refer pain to other parts of the body. Many people refer to them as “knots.” When treating knots or trigger points, pressure is held to the spot. When the therapist releases the pressure, fresh blood and oxygen flood the area, flushing out toxins and alleviating pain.

Deep Tissue Therapy

The focus of deep tissue work is to affect the various layers of muscle and connective tissue. Strong pressure is applied to effectively release tension and loosen bonds between layers of soft tissue. The result is reduced pain and increased mobility.

AMMA Therapy®

This treatment is based on traditional Chinese medicine. Circular massage along the meridians of the body is combined with acupressure to points along those meridians. No oil or crème is used with this technique. The focus of AMMA is to balance the mind and body.

Massage Therapy Pricing

blonde woman having a massage — massage in Clovis, CA
$40.00 | 30 minutes
$70.00 | 60 minutes
$100.00 | 90 Minutes
Contact us today to schedule your appointment for a sports massage, or any of the other massage therapy methods listed here.