Personal Training in Clovis, Fresno, Madera and the Central Valley, California

The Body Building provides innovative equipment and training techniques to help you to reach your goals. Personal training is available to take your training to the next level and help you to achieve results faster.

Comprehensive Personal Training & Exercise Packages

Achieve your personal fitness goal with custom exercise packages from one of our certified fitness trainers. Yoga, Pilates, and other fitness techniques are incorporated into packages to help you gain or improve balance, posture, or flexibility.
Areas of training include but are not limited to:


Learn effective techniques and additional exercises that you can add to your walks.


Learn effective techniques for overall improvement with cycling or how to start a cycling regime.


Learn how to run, when to run, and ways to use running to improve or develop skills for fitness, weight loss, or body structure.

Weight Training

Learn the correct way to tone your body, achieve muscle mass, or to just improve your body.

Physical Therapy Instruction

Sometimes we cannot remember the correct way to exercises when home instructions are given by a physical therapist. You may also question whether you are doing the exercise correctly or if you are hindering your recovery. Our Certified Personal Trainers will show you how to do the exercises correctly and ensure that you know how to do them properly on your own for longer lasting results.
woman with her personal trainer — gym in Clovis, CA
Contact The Body Building for personal training techniques that help you to achieve your weight loss goals and maximize the benefits of physical therapy.