First Oxygen Bar Ever in the Central Valley

The Body Building serving the Central Valley, Fresno, Clovis and the surrounding areas is pleased to offer the hottest thing in personal recovery. While oxygen has a plethora of benefits to help recovery and achieve optimal results. The Body Building is excited to bring this technology to the Fresno area and help you become the best YOU.
Oxygen can provide a burst of energy by aerating your blood. It can counter fatigue, greatlyhelp with weight loss, takeaway headaches, and relieve other minor and major pains. Long-termuse of oxygen can help in the cleansing of toxins from your body, and in greatly boosting yourimmune system.

Benefits of Oxygen:
  • Heightens alertness, focus, concentration and memory
  • Oxygen gives you great energy! 90% of our energy com es from Oxygen, and only 10% from water and food.
  • Oxygen is very important to your immune system, short and long term memory, thinking and eyesight
  • Oxygen counters aging and Promotes healing
  • Oxygen makes your heart strong, reducing th e risk of heart attacks
  • Oxygen stabilizes your nervous system
  • Oxygen helps cut the recovery needed after physical exertion
  • Oxygen relieves headaches, migraines and hangovers
  • Oxygen takes care of temporary altitude discomfort
  • Oxygen greatly improves cell metabolism and digest ion
  • Oxygen supports pre-athletic performance and takes ca re of muscle stiffness
  • Oxygen also flushes toxins and impurities out of your blood and help with weight loss
Call Today and Schedule Your Appointment (559) 500-1300. Feel the difference Oxygen makes today!
Juice Bar 1 — First Oxygen Bar Ever in the Central Valley
Juice Bar 2 — First Oxygen Bar Ever in the Central Valley
Juice Bar 3 — First Oxygen Bar Ever in the Central Valley